Project Life - Week 23

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Week 23...I really love this project! This week I tried to focus on all the little bits and pieces of our lives, even though we went away for the weekend. I have plans for (and have actually started on) a little mini-book about our weekend (which I'll share here when it's done!), so I don't feel the need to put heaps of pictures here. I love that there's room for all those little daily things that would never be recorded otherwise!

This week I bought two digital kits from One Little Bird: Meadowlark and La Belle Vie, available from Oscraps. That's all I used for my pages this week, except for the Tuesday journalling card (one of Bananafish Studio's Microscrappers) and, of course the background paper from the Cobalt Kit. I used the papers and elements from the kits to make my own journalling cards, which were heavily inspired by these awesome project life pages.
This week:
It was father's day and we went to the indoor swimming pool in Kolding (that's how hot it is here...we had to go swimming indoors!); Christian and I went out to the movies and had dinner on Wednesday night. We saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, which we enjoyed; Isabel has started potty training, and it's going very well. She has started telling me when she needs to go. I printed out this great chart for her, which is a free download from misstiina ; Lucy loves to hold my hand when she walks now, and reaches out for it (even though she can walk fine on her own); Isabel keeps picking little flowers for sweet! I have introduced Lucy to the colour pegs, and she could match the colours, but had trouble putting the rings on the pegs.
We went away for the weekend to Hvedholm Slot in Faaborg for a romantic getaway, and the kids had a mini-holiday at Bedstemor's place. My sister in law has promised me some pictures, so I'll put those in later. Until then, a nice grey and yellow combo (I love those colours together!) in the corner. More everyday life...Lucy has learnt how to ride the little trike she got for her birthday (and climb chairs too, but that's another story!); Lucy has discovered the awesomeness that is Dora, and has officially taken that doll as her own; Marianne came over so we could celebrate that she has finished the first year of her studies. We celebrated with a very yummy summer dessert, and she played a very age appropriate version of dominoes with Isabel for ages! I finally convinced Christian that a trip to IKEA wouldn't be a bad idea, after having very little luck finding a second hand table for my office, and am right now sitting at my new table writing! It's wonderful!

That's it for week 23! I'm linking up to the mom creative again...lots of great inspiration there, and she helps me get my pages done each week :)
The Mom Creative

See you next time!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Your pages look awesome! and your children are so adorable, you even have a cute potty chart, lol.

  2. Lovely, Fi. The potty chart is soooo cute!
    Ronnie xo


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