Setting Goals

Thursday, 14 June 2012

I am not very good at setting goals. I don't like things hanging over my head, deadlines and such, mostly because I am really bad at finishing what I start. As a result, I am very poor at making goals. Realistic goals. I tend to make goals that sound something like, "Lose 30kg, start exercising and finish your scrapbook album. This month." Then, for some strange reason, I get really discouraged over not reaching my goals, and give up.

I have been really inspired by Elise Blaha and her monthly goals, which are based on the word she chose for herself this year. I chose a word for this year, Nurture, along with many other people when Ali Edwards invited us to join her. I haven't done much about it though. I like Elise's idea of making goals under the umbrella of that word, so I remember to focus on it this year.

I am, starting with June (OK, I know we're halfway through June, but I actually wrote this down at the beginning of the month!), going to make some goals for myself, with a specific focus on Nurture - nurturing myself, my family, my relationships with others, and my service (this is another blog post just waiting to happen!).

This month, I have decided to focus on nurturing myself, because I think that's an important place to start. If I don't nurture myself, I have a much harder time nurturing anyone or anything else. Here are my goals for June:

  1. To lose 3 kilos and get my fifth star at Weight Watchers.
  2. Remember to eat well and fill in/follow my Weight Watchers eating plan each week.
  3. Assign one evening or morning to going out for a walk/jog. Actually do it!
  4. Find and start a Bible reading plan and devotion.
  5. Finish the weeks I've skipped over in my Project Life album, alongside the current weeks, so I can get the first half of the year printed out in the beginning of July.
  6. Get a desk for my craft room and organise my stuff so I can actually make things!
Hopefully having only 6 goals will keep it achievable. Have you set yourself any goals this month? How are you doing with that?

Until next time!

Hugs, Fiona

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