Project Life - Week 26

Monday, 9 July 2012

 Week 26. We are now halfway through the year, and I am still managing to keep up with this project! That has to be a first for me. I have a couple of weeks (from way back) to finish up, then I am going to get the whole thing printed off through Shutterfly, so we can enjoy the first half of our year.

Since I was a bit behind, I just focused on keeping it simple...lots of photos with words right on the top (I love how easy that is!) and one journalling card. I don't get to include bigger stories this way, but at least I have a finished overview of our week. Sounds like a winning plan to me!
This week there was lots of creative stuff happening. I baked buns for afternoon tea one day, and cupcakes for Isabel's last day at Kindy. She starts up at preschool (børnehave) after the summer holidays. I sewed some pants for Alexander (those are still in progress!). Isabel made presents for her teachers, and she and Lucy enjoyed playing with playdough. 
The weather changed for the better during the week, so we ended up spending lots of time outside. On Thursday night, our friends Anne and Christian arrived from Norway for a week. It was so nice to catch up with them again. Especially priceless was Lucy "meeting" Christian. He's very tall, so he folded himself down to her size to say hello. She was quite unsure of him, and had the cutest pout on her face! It didn't last long, though :) We are excited that summer is finally here, and we have time to enjoy it!

Products used this week: Project Life Template A, Background paper from the Cobalt Kit, Journalling cards are freebies by Miss Tiina, Numbers by Sahlin Studio.

Hugs, Fiona

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  1. Looking really good Fiona!!! Great job keeping at it.. Can't wait to see the printed book of the first half year :)

    hugs Kirsten xoxox


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