Project Life - Week 4

Saturday, 14 July 2012

 Week 4. More horse riding, and the start of holiday gym classes at Auntie Shelley and Uncle Mike's gym.
Isabel really enjoyed riding Thunder again, and now thinks he's HER pony (just like all the other grand daughters!!). Lovely Auntie Shelley took her out and helped her. Both Alexander and Isabel went to a gym class, and really loved it. It's a shame we don't live close enough to go to a regular gym class! Isabel also got her birthday present, very early (her birthday is in August!) from Grandma and Grandad....a Dora bike! She was so excited and rode it (with help) on the verandah. 
It was a long weekend due to Australia Day, and the Steel family came over from Canberra, along with Auntie Katie and Uncle Mark. We had a great time together, barbequing for Australia Day and swimming in the pool (and spa!), playing board games and relaxing together. We did a big combined celebration for Grandma's and Shannon's birthdays while everyone was there. It was time for us to say goodbye to the family, too (sniff sniff!).

Such a lovely (last) week in Australia!

Hugs, Fiona

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