Summer Outing

Monday, 9 July 2012

On Tuesday we went out for the day. We took Christian and Anne (our friends who were visiting from Norway) on a trip to a small island not far from us, Hjarnø. We loaded up the car with children, hats, sand toys, swimmers, snacks and water bottles, and set off on our summer outing.  
Arriving at Snaptun, we had about a 30 minute wait for the next ferry, so we popped into the local shop and bought a couple of nets. This occupied the children (and Far!) until the ferry arrived, while Mummy kept busy snapping photos of everything. 
 Finally the ferry arrived, and we walked on board with a flock of other people...and 4 cars (I think that's maximum capacity for that tiny ferry!)
 As we left the mainland, we talked about islands and mainland, and the importance of having one of these orange rings on board.
"Goodbye, Denmark!" Alexander cried as we set off. Hmmm, I guess it's a little hard to understand for a boy who has already been in 7 different countries (not counting airports!) at the age of 5 :) 
 Upon arrival at the island, ferry goers are met by a tractor and wagon, offering tours of the tiny island. We opted to walk and enjoy the sunshine.
 Walking past the church, we spotted some friendly horses. Naturally, Isabel wanted to say hello :)
Onwards we walked, towards the centre of the island. There was beautiful scenery to be seen... 
 ...and trees to be explored.
 We walked past the Forsamlingshus, the Community Hall, towards the island's only café.
 After our lunch in the charming surroundings, we headed back towards the sea to catch the ferry home.

There was fresh produce to be bought (just put your money in the jar, thanks!), fresh strawberries and new potatoes. We played a little at the beach while waiting for the ferry.
Back on the mainland, Alexander wanted to try some crab fishing. He caught a big crab, and a few prawns. He was a very happy boy, even though he had to toss them back in the sea. 
There was time to explore our surroundings before heading off in the cars again.
There was even some island beauty to take home with us, this beautiful and fragrant flower that the children found on the ground.

We had a very lovely summer outing, and one more item from our summer list completed!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Looks like a really great trip/day!!! Hjarnø sure is a very beautiful island :) But can you please help me I can only think of 6 different countries for Alexander, can't stop thinking about which country I'm missing, I have Denmark, Australia, Oman, Norway, Germany and USA.. haha... Sorry about this...

  2. Oh and I absolutely love the pictures of the kids in the tree, sooooo CUTE :)

  3. Yeah, it's very beautiful on Hjarnø. Alexander has been to Prague twice on holidays, so the 7th country is the Czech Republic. He has also been to Dubai (UAE), so he's actually been to 8 countries! I didn't leave Australia until I was 18!! Such a different world :)

  4. Oh yeah true forgot about Prague.. wupsi.. Yeah I know what you mean... He'll for sure be a world traveller.. ;)


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