Isabel's First Week at Preschool

Monday, 13 August 2012

Last week Isabel started Preschool (Børnehave). She was soooo excited, and this is how she looked in the morning when we arrived.
She was shy when we got to her classroom, and she realised that Alexander wasn't going to be in the same room as her (he has just started in the room for kids going off to school next year). We sat down and played with My Little Ponies for a while (and had a childhood flashback!), and then I tried to help her settle with a puzzle.
She was especially unhappy when I told her I wasn't going to stay there, but that I would pick her up at lunchtime. The tears started. It wasn't easy, but I left her there. When I came to get her, she was happy. She was having a good time, and was ready to come home.

And so it went each day, the tears and goodbyes, and a (mostly) happy girl when I came to pick her up. She seemed to understand fairly quickly that I would be back in the afternoon, and that she would have a good time, meeting Alexander on the playground for 2 hours of outdoor play after lunch.

On Thursday, when I came to pick her up, she looked like this. She had had a great day, and a great week, and said, "I love my børnehave".
I'm thankful for a good, although rocky, start. Today she was teary again, but I'm sure she'll settle in quickly again. Hopefully she'll look like this again this afternoon!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Awww Hope she soon will be to busy to go play with the other kids to say goodbye to her mommy in the morning instead of the tears.. but glad she's happy when you pick her up.. just don't hope it's just because she get's her mommy... ;)

    1. No, she seems genuinely happy, like she's been having a good time! Hopefully the goodbyes will get easier :)

  2. That's good, hope so too.. Once she's gotten her self a really good friend or two in her group it'll change I'm sure..

  3. So cute! I just came over from The Mom Creative. I can't wait to start on PL in January.
    I am now following you! I am having a First Day of School Link Up on my blog and would love to have you.


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