New Pants for Alexander

Friday, 7 September 2012

I finally finished these pants for Alexander, at our first ever sewing club. I was really worried that they wouldn't fit him, seeing as how I cut them out a year ago during Kids Clothing Week Challenge. I didn't get to sew them though, as my Dad had a stroke that same week and Lucy and I rushed back to Australia (Fortunately, my Dad not only survived that stroke, but has made a full recovery, so we got to have a relaxing visit instead of being there for a funeral). These pants have been sitting in a pile ever since. A couple of months ago, I put some patches on and started sewing them. Only, I messed the patches up. This weekend, I diligently unpicked and re-did the patches, sewing them back on. I put in the waist elastic, and finished them completely Monday night.
On Tuesday, Alexander wore them to preschool. He really liked them, and his teacher even commented on how great they are. On Wednesday morning, he asked if he could wear them again. I asked what he likes about them. He said, "They are nice and soft, and don't have any itchy tags. I like the tigers on my knees (the patches) because then I can slide in them and I can run really fast in them!" 
Ow! Sore legs from running so much at preschool!
What else does a 5 year old boy need? Some more pants, perhaps? "Yes, I want a yellow pair and an orange pair"!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Yeah they look fantastic... And you get going Mummy on sewing heaps and heaps of pants without tags for that boy... ;) lol Okay but seriously I think they are really great - and pants he really likes to wear is precious for going to preschool and play :)

    1. Ha ha! Yes, I'll have to get onto it straight away! :)


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