Project Life - Week 33

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Here's going back a few weeks, to mid August (13th-19th) for week 33. I am finally catching up on the last few weeks I'm missing in order to be totally caught up! Only 3 more to go :) This was very obviously the last week of summer weather here, as we were playing with water!
I loved adding some of Alexander's art...a self portrait he did at preschool. I took a photo of it, as the original is still hanging up in his classroom. I love all the detail in his picture, and what he said to his teacher (translated), "I coloured him yellow in the head, just like people are"! Funny boy :)
It was also the week of the great treasure hunt, and some family time, with a game night with Jakob and spending Sunday with Christian's family, before they head off in different directions (to Copenhagen and Australia!).

Catching up is fun, but so is going back a couple of weeks and seeing what we did then. Sometimes it's easier to put the pages together too, without so much worrying about getting all the pictures in! I'm looking forward to being totally caught up :)

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Wonderful layouts! I love seeing other people doing PL digitally! So cute that you included some of your little one's art!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Yeah, it's great to stumble across another digital Project Lifer! It's nice to get some inspiration :)

  2. Lovely pages.. and yeah perhaps his seen too many lego people.. ;) Too funny!!!!


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