Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I love Autumn. The amazing colours, the crisp air, the leaves falling. Yesterday, I took this cheeky toddler outside and took a few photos of her wearing an awesome orange jacket we inherited from a friend. It most likely won't fit for long, but it's fabulous for an Autumn photo shoot.
That cheeky smile....quite a permanent expression on Lucy's little face. She keeps us on our toes, this girl! We are enjoying Autumn holidays this week. I hope you are enjoying the season, wherever you are!


  1. That's some really awesome pictures Fiona!!! I love that jacket.. Really good choice for an Autumn photo shoot :)

    1. Thanks Kirsten. Hope you had a good trip!

    2. Thanks it was okay.. You know how they are ;-) Still in Melbourne waiting for my flight to Canberra.. 2 hours to go until departure..

  2. These are too beautiful, Fiona. Awww... Lucy is such a cutie!
    Ronnie xo

  3. So adorable! And great photography :-) proud of you!! Hugs xoxo


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