Carving the Pumpkin

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A few weeks ago, I bought a pumpkin. We are not in the habit of celebrating Halloween, but we do enjoy exploring pumpkins. I had it in mind to make it a bit of a scientific exploration for the kiddos, but then I saw this beautifully carved pumpkin of Elise's and decided that we would carve ours like that too. Yesterday, as we came home from preschool, Alexander asked if we could open up the pumpkin.
First up, I printed out some pumpkin observation sheets by 2 Teaching Mommies. Alexander and Isabel got one each, and we filled then out together. Then it was time to pop open the pumpkin.
{Smelling the pumpkin as part of our observations} 
Alexander was brave enough to put his hand in, to dig out the pumpkin seeds, but he didn't like the feel of it much! Isabel didn't even want to try :)
Alexander faithfully washed all the pumpkin seeds, as he remembered how we roasted them last year. We put them in the oven, following Elise's instructions. Yum!
Meanwhile, the pumpkin carving was coming along beautifully.
Then we ran outside and put tealights in them before Christian came home, so it would be nice and welcoming.


  1. Love this.. Really nicely done :)

  2. Oh I love your pumpkin! It looks so great, I never thought of carving a geometric pattern before, my mind never got past the idea of carving out a face. I definitely want to do one of these next year!

  3. I love it - it looks absolutely beautiful, Fi!
    Love those last two photos, especially the one taken from the outside of your house....
    Ronnie xo


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