Project Life - Week 42

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hello, Week 42. I kept it super simple this week, just photos, words and a couple of journalling cards from Paislee Press' Diptych Journaling Cards. Circle template from Design Editor, and numbers from Paislee Press' Meant to Be Alphas. Somehow I forgot to take pictures of what we did last week. I think, honestly, I just didn't feel like taking pictures. Going through a bit of a slump over here, but I think I'm back on track again.
It was the Autumn holidays here last week, so we spent heaps of time at home playing, with and without friends. Alexander and Isabel actually managed to play together nicely by the end of the week (small miracle!).
Autumn means time to make some yummy soups. This week it was leek and potato. Quote of the week comes from when Isabel was laying on the couch and Alexander wanted to sit there. Translated, it goes something like this:
Isabel: I'm sleeping here!
Alexander: No you're not, I can see your eyes are open.
Isabel: Ok. Let's play the jumping game!
(Yes, they speak Danish together)

I'm linking up to the Mom Creative again. See you next week!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Love the picture with everyone reading in bed. Looks like a fun house.

  2. The circle looks great! Your pages look awesome!

  3. Looks like a great week. Your pages are great! Love the picture of the kids getting read to. Such a wonderful moment to capture.

  4. Your kiddos are so cute and I love the bottom photo "dinner prep distractions" good times! :)

  5. Looks absolutely great Fiona!!! Looks like you guys had a fabulous week :)
    Hugs Faster Kirsten!!!! xoxoxox

  6. I"ve been going through a similar slump with photo taking - I've had to learn to just go with the flow and accept that there are just weeks when I don't feel like taking photos, and not feel too bad about it.
    Lovely spread as always Fi!
    Ronnie xo


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