Exploring Rwanda - On the Road

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

After a few days in Kigali, we headed off on a road trip to the North Eastern corner of Rwanda, to look at the project site (more on that later). I've just got to say....Rwanda is a really beautiful country. I mean, stunning. I spent the whole 3 hour trip with my head (and camera) out the car window, alternating between snapping off shots (in the hopes of getting some non-blurry shots) and exclaiming, "Wow. I can't believe how beautiful it is here!".
We drove past many simple homes and little villages. Even though the lack of wealth was evident, there was still a certain manner of caring for things that I haven't seen before on my travels. Homes had vegetable patches, goats and cows...and some even had flower beds. Doors were painted in bright, cheerful colours. There was beauty, everywhere my eye rested.

As we drove along, we passed people walking along the road side, with yellow containers on hand, or on the back of their bikes. There were going to fetch water. Many of them were children. We passed several places were people were crowded around a pump, waiting for their turn to fill their containers with clean water. But, we also saw many places where people were taking water from the local waterhole, alongside women washing their clothes and children bathing. I asked our local friend, "Do they boil the water before they drink it? Do they know they should?". He just looked at me for a moment, his eyes expressing sadness and said quite simply, "No". The need for clean water sources is very real.
It was an amazing drive, and exciting to see the amount of farming being done as we passed through. Corn, beans, fish farms, dairy farms, and other crops I couldn't identify. I was particularly excited when I saw all the cows. After all, cows mean fresh milk, cheese, yoghurt....and beef! Driving through the country gave us such a wonderful impression of life for many people here.

I'll be back with more later!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Looks absolutely great Fiona!!! Thanks for sharing.. It really is beautiful and very clean :)

  2. Holy Freaking Moly!
    I had no idea you were going to Africa.
    Beautiful, refreshing, awesome, just so lovely and uplifting in every way.
    Thank you for sharing!!
    I was JUST writing on my blog about how we need to be thankful for your clean water...as so many do not have it. Then I came to your blog!
    Much Love,

    1. Such beautiful words, thank you. We are considering making a move there. And...I just saw your post, too funny! It's way too easy to take clean water (and hot showers!) for granted. A little reminder now and again is good for me ;)


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