Gearing up for December Daily

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I am once again joining Ali Edwards' project, December Daily, as I have the last 4 years. The idea is to document a little something from each day in December. This year I actually want to complete an album. I am full of good ideas and great intentions, and very little follow through. My Project Life Album this year has been my greatest memory keeping success ever. What has that taught me? Do it digitally, do it straight away. Don't stress over the details. Don't try and make it perfect, just make it!

I was trying to decide what to do this year, when Ali released her new products. I was immediately taken with the 4x6 overlays and journal cards, as I thought I could just make my December PL pages into a sort of December Daily. Then I saw it. Liz's (from Paislee Press) album template and journal cards. It's just beautiful, simple and elegant. I bought it straight away. So here's my new plan. I'm going to make my pages digitally, daily (or as close to that as I can) and then decide what to do in January, when it's time to print it out, as the templates are 6x8, and I don't think I can get it printed as a photo book at that size. Maybe it will end up being paper :). I will still use Ali's products in my PL album, but I won't worry if the photos are specifically Christmasy or not (my spell check is trying to tell me that Christmasy is not a real word, but I use it all the time, so it must be!)

I have previously started recording memories on the first Sunday of Advent, since that's when we start preparing for Christmas, but this year the first Sunday is the 2nd of December, so I'll start on the 1st December.
Here's my cover page and title page for 2012! Pretty, huh? You'll have to wait until later to see Dec 1st ;)

Are you planning on recording your December memories? How? I'd love to see!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Oh this looks great Fiona! I've got to say -I'm SUPER tempted to try December Daily this year but I'm really scared to start it and not finish. But your cover page and title are really making me want to try it. Hmm, now if I can just think of a way to make it work for me . . .

    1. How fun! I am HOPING I will get it done this year. Maybe we can encourage each other to finish?

    2. I like that idea! We are doing an advent calendar for the first time this year so I really want to document it with December Daily. Okay, you've convinced me, I'll do it. Though you might have to ask how I am doing to make sure I keep up with it. :)

    3. Deal! Having an Advent calendar to document is really helpful. I'll be asking how it's going! I'm going to try and post my pages here as I do them. The accountability is a great motivator for me!


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