Project Life - Week 43

Monday, 5 November 2012

Week 43. Nice to have finished that off, so I can now work on last week :) It was a really nice week, with beautiful Autumn colours outside. We really enjoyed walks through the forest. It also happened to snow, but it melted pretty much straight away, so the kids didn't manage to get out and play in it. I'm sure it will come again, though!
Isabel helped me bake doughnuts, I made Lucy a new skirt, and Isabel went to the dentist. She has now stopped using her dummy (hooray for Isabel!), so Christian took her out to celebrate. We had a few family visits, which the children really enjoyed. Helps me to relax a bit about going away next week, as these 2 will be their babysitters :)
Alexander went to church for a sleepover, but came home again as he thought the movie (Tangled) was too scary. My sweet little boy! He and Christian had a sleepover on the couch instead and fell asleep watching Rory the Racing Car! It was a lovely week!
See you next time!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Wow, the countryside looks beautiful, Noni, but maybe a bit cold already? Please give Isabel a big hug from us for giving up her dummy - we are really proud of her. Is it hanging on the dummy tree in TumleBumle Land? Well done on Lucy's skirt too. It's really cute.

    1. No, her dummy is in a bowl in the kitchen, but she hasn't used it since then. She just wasn't ready to completely part with it! It was a really cold week, but has been mild the last few weeks. Winter is coming! I'm cold just thinking about it ;)

  2. Looks absolutely great!!! Looks like your are having lots of fun together before your week apart :) Hugs and kisses to everyone :) xoxox Faster Kirsten!!!


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