Sunday, 30 December 2012

Christmas was not quite as we thought it would be. There were stomach bugs, influenza and cars breaking down, but everyone made it home for Christmas Eve to celebrate. Although we didn't have the whole family present at the dining table at one time, we were all there. There were the usual activities: Christmas gifts, singing carols around the lit tree, dancing through the house, eating Christmas dinner, stockings full of little gifts Christmas morning, games played together, a round of pakkeleg and mus (fun Danish games), more Christmas food and goodies and, throughout it all, family togetherness. Although not how I had hoped it would be, there was still time to be together with those we love. Here's hoping that your Christmas was special, even though the moments may have been small and fleeting!

Over here, we're still trying to get over the affects of above mentioned stomach bug and flu, but we're anticipating the fun and excitement of bringing in the new year, whilst I'm wondering where the days went! Wishing you a happy (and safe!) new year!

Hugs, Fiona

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  1. Hey Fiona -our Christmas was plagued by the flu to, while it makes it a different kind of Christmas it's still a good one.

    I love all your photos, you got some great action shots!


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