December Daily: Dec 7-9

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm doing a bit of December Daily catch up. It has been crazy around here with sickness that doesn't seem to leave. Our days have ended up very differently than how I thought they'd be.
Dec 7 - Friday was the start of the weekend for us. We had planned to drive up and visit Christian's grandmother, but Alexander was too sick (and we don't want her getting sick) so I stayed home with him and Lucy while Isabel and Christian drove up to see her. They took her some pebernødder (pepper nuts, a kind of gingerbread cookie) we made earlier in the week. They had a really nice time together. The kids always like visiting her because she spoils them ;)
 Dec 8 - I spent the whole day in bed, sick, so the day turned out very differently than we thought. My sister in law came over with some LEGO pieces and everyone had fun playing with them, before she took Isabel out for a girl's day in town. She had fun and brought home presents for everyone. Sweet!
Dec 9 - the second Sunday of Advent, which was spent lying on the couch watching Christmas movies and recovering, while the more energetic family members went out to play in the snow. Much more interesting!

Due to all the sickness in our house I've been finding it challenging to keep motivated and find things to record. After all, how many times can I record that we were sick and lay on the couch watching Christmas movies? Nobody wants to bake Christmas cookies or make Christmas decorations. Hopefully we will all be feeling better soon. At least I can feel better, knowing that I've caught up with my pages. I'm also getting more comfortable with so much white space on my pages, which is pretty new for me. I like it.

I'm linking up with Ali Edwards. There's heaps of December Daily inspiration to be found there!

Hugs, Fiona


  1. oh, I'm so sorry.

    we were so sick over the holidays the last few years, and the year before that my back was out.
    It really is a bummer to feel yucky at the holidays, I understand.
    Feel better soon.
    hugs and love,

    1. Thanks :) We were also sick last year, even though we were in Australia and it was hot. So ironic!

  2. Peppernuts! :) We haven't made ours yet, it's on our list for the 18th but I am looking forward to them! I'm really loving how clean your December Daily looks.

    1. Thanks! Enjoy making your pepper nuts (and eating them)!


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