Weekly Moments

Monday, 21 January 2013

1. Looking out the kitchen window
2. New boots keep my feet warm in the snow
3. Snowy street
4. Guinea pigs have joined the family. They have been (appropriately) named Fluffy and Blackie
5. Nothing like a little nap in the cubby
6. Costume making for Fastelavn has begun. Alexander wants to be the green ninja (from Ninjago)
7. Apparently, Lucy finds grocery shopping exhausting

I have decided to be part of a project called "Stills" on The Beetle Shack , summing up our week through photos. Mostly, I want to improve my photography and be inspired to take photos of the moments of our week. It should be fun!
The Beetle Shack


  1. love the sleeper in the grocery buggy! grocery shopping makes me feel the same way ;-)

  2. lady, I'm so thrilled to have you linking up from the other (more chilly) side of the world!

    thanks Fiona :)

    xo em

  3. I'm so glad you've linked up with Em! Her blog is wonderful.
    Love your photos too, especially those first three of the snow...
    Ronnie xo


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