Project Life 2013 - Title Page and Week 1

Friday, 11 January 2013

Hello, 2013! This year I am using the digital Seafoam Kit as my base kit. I just love the greys, aqua and blues, and, surprisingly, the orange. Yep, never been an orange fan before, but it's growing on me. For my title page, I recoloured the AT THE START card to orange, because I wanted more colour. I also bought Amy Tangerine's Ready, Set Go brush set to add some cute icons, which I recoloured in the Seafoam Kit colours. The same photos from my final page of 2012 made an entrance here, this time in black and white, but I have decided that perfection is over rated, and I'm going with it. The part I love most of my title page is the 2013 card, which I made myself. Isn't it cute? A happy moment for me :)
Anyway, moving on to Week 1. We were sick, sick, sick, but at least Alexander got diagnosed with 2 infections, so he got penicillin to kick it with. We spent most of our days inside on the couch, watching movies, or playing with puzzles and board games. It would have been nicer if we didn't all feel so wretched.  
My highlight was making chicken soup for the first time, using a recipe from Pioneer Woman. It was good! I also loved seeing Lucy kicking her legs up when she was supposed to be sleeping out in her pram. Funny girl!
In anticipation of homeschooling this year, I dug out the boxes of Montessori activities that we used to do a year and a half ago. Isabel loved using the sound boxes, and she's quite ready for it now. Grocery shopping was fun with 2 little girls who wanted their own little trolleys each. I had to chase around after Lucy, making sure she didn't run into everyone else, but at least people in Denmark like little kids and thought she was cute!

Are you starting/continuing with Project Life this year? Are you using a kit? I would love to see what you're up to, so please mention it in the comments! See you after the weekend with week 2.

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Love your digi-PL, I visit almost every week your blog to peek :) I do another year, but don't use a formal kit...

  2. I LOVE your title page, Fi. It's so lovely how you pulled all the elements together.
    And so sorry to hear about everyone being sick.. we haven't been all that well either and it can be such a downer.
    Take care of you!
    Ronnie xo

    1. Thanks Ronnie. I'm looking forward to seeing your album, too. Hopefully you're all feeling a bit better now!

  3. Looks absolutely wonderful :) Love your title pages, the 2013 card is fantastic - well done making that :)


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