Project Life - Week 50 and 51

Friday, 4 January 2013

I didn't quite get it done before the end of 2012, but here are weeks 50 and 51. I tried to keep it simple and just focus on the photos of stories for our little family. I found that 2012 didn't have as many stories as I would like, so I will be working at adding more of them this year. Here are the pages.
Here's week 51. There are a couple of quotes from the kids this week. Here's a translation.
Isabel and Alexander were playing Lego.
I: Snakes, would you like to come to my birthday party?
A: Yes!
I: But then you have to be nice. Really nice.
A: OK! If any baddies come, we'll just do spin-jitzu!
I: No, that's not nice!

And Alexander at my sister in law's Christmas party, "If he says my number again, I'll go crazy!"

I love including their quotes, no matter what language they come out in!

I used the Cobalt Kit and templates by Becky Higgins (available from acdigitals). I was also really inspired by Tracy Larsen of the new Project Life Creative Team for 2013, and the simple way she includes her stories. Thanks for the inspiration, Tracy! I'm looking forward to another full year of Project Life in 2013 and will be very happy to get those last few missing weeks of 2012 done and the whole thing printed out.
More about Project Life here. All my Project Life pages from 2012 can be found here.

Hugs, Fiona

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