green ninja costume

Thursday, 14 March 2013

every year in february, we celebrate fastelavn, which is a celebration that takes place just before lent. the modern day celebration includes dressing up, eating cream filled buns, singing for sweets, and hitting a barrel full of sweets until they all fall out. it's usually the highlight of the year. this year, when i asked alexander what he wanted to dress up as for fastelavn, he said (not surprisingly), "the green ninja". 
in case you're not up on what 5 year old boys are into, the green ninja is THE hero of lego's ninjago themed lego. he's the favourite. he's the strongest, the fastest, and has the all the super ninja powers of the other four combined. 
no problem, i thought. i'll just make him an outfit (even though christian didn't believe i could do it - seriously!). i did a quick google search for a costume tutorial and pretty much nothing came up. how is that even possible? so i thought i'd just figure it out myself. i found my favourite pants pattern by minikrea (similar pattern here by MADE) and sewed up a pair of sweet ninja pants in green velour. 
i found this great balaclava pattern by ottobre and, using the leftover fabric from the pants, sewed up a ninja hood. i added the face piece to the pattern, but don't ask me how, because i'm still not sure how it managed to turn out so well ;) i bought a t-shirt and socks in the same green, then sewed some felt details onto the hood, t-shirt and pants.  i added a belt, and we were done. 
One green ninja, ready to go. watch out, baddies!


  1. You did a great job :) He looked amazing :)

  2. Wow that is so awesome Fiona!! And I love his ninja moves! :)

  3. Wow...this is very impressive! He looks pretty pleased, how lucky for him to have a Mom who can just whip up a ninja costume!?

  4. Super cool ninja costume! Did you size up the balaclava? I'm going to make a knight version for my son, and I'm trying to figure out sizing. Would very much appreciate any tips you might have. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Hi, and thanks! No, I didn't size up the pattern, but I probably should have in retrospect! He only had to wear it a couple of times, so it didn't really matter, but it's a wee bit tight on his head (ie hot and and hard to breathe in!). I guess you could just measure his head to see if it will fit as is. The face piece was total guess work. I just cut out a piece of fabric, put it over his face to make sure it would fit, then sewed it on. Then I proceeded to sew it smaller and smaller and cut off the extra fabric a couple of times :) Good luck with making a knight helmet! Hugs Fiona xoxo


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