robot pjs

Monday, 18 March 2013

this weekend i got in a bit of sewing. i went on a fabric shopping spree a week and a half ago, inspired by all the boy projects i've been seeing, and came home with this robot fabric, with the idea of making the boy pyjama pants. after all, an almost 6 year old doesn't want to wear robot pants in public, right? um, wrong!

he and christian were out all day saturday, so i had to wait until sunday morning for him to try them on and see if the fit was right. he loved them so much, that he didn't want to take them off, so he ended up wearing them to church! we'll see if these stay as pjs or end up as every day pants ;)
at the very least, i got to try out a pattern from my christmas present, intemporels pour enfants. i  thought i was being a bit ambitious, asking for a french pattern book, but these turned out well! i was worried they'd be too short, so i added a cuff to the bottom, which we ended up rolling up anyway. but they look great with cuffs, so i'll make the next pair a little shorter :) 
now, i just need to make another few pairs! luckily, i have a huge stack of cute fabrics in my cupboard :)


  1. WOW! I love them! I so respect people that can sew clothing!!!


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