Monday, 11 March 2013

this weekend:
the weather was right for being outdoors. we had a picnic in the back yard, with homemade raspberry muffins and a round of kongespil
we discovered "chicken spots" on both Lucy and Alexander. Poor Alexander is just covered in them.
my sister-in-law and i headed north to aarhus and had a girl's night out - dinner and a concert. fabulous!
suddenly, the landscape changed with the arrival of snow on sunday. from spring to winter, just like that.

how was your weekend?

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  1. Oh, I love the idea of a backyard picnic!

    Chicken pox are no fun but I like that you took photos of them. My brother had them bad when he was about 3 and my mom took new photos every day and as the days went on he just looked sadder and sadder. It was pretty cute.

    And a girls night out sounds fabulous!!

    1. Oh Chantel...What you can't see on the picture of Alexander is his face, because he was crying and miserable, but I still took a picture. Hopefully one day he will think it's interesting to see all those chicken pox!

      The picnic was fun...especially since we now have a new layer of snow outside!!

  2. not fun! luckily it will pass soon :)

  3. Like goofy Isabel at the picnic. Funny: I cannot remember it was that nice just a few days ago! Thanks for the reminder :-)


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