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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Riding home from school...NOT today :)

Four weeks ago, Alexander started school. Three weeks ago, he turned 6. Last week, he started asking if he could ride his bike home from school by himself.

Seriously, I just can't keep up. I mean, a month ago, he was still a little boy. Now he wants to ride home by himself. When did this growing up happen? How did it happen so quickly, so quietly? Over the last week, when I come to pick him up from school, he jumps on his bike and rides far ahead of me, as quickly as he can. Then he waits for me at the crossing. After we have crossed the road together, he takes off again, and is waiting for me when I get home.

Yesterday, something different happened. Yesterday his dad picked him up from school. Yesterday he was allowed to ride by himself while Christian watched to make sure he could cross the road himself. Yesterday, he grew up.

Today he wanted to ride home all by himself, but we agreed that I would meet him at school to make sure he remembered what he needed to do, then he could ride on ahead and meet me at home. When I got to school, we talked about the road rules again, then he told me to walk slowly and took off. I walked a steady pace, not too fast, and he was gone from sight. I didn't see him again until I arrived home, and he was playing with a ball in the front yard.

Today I had a lesson in letting go. In knowing when the time is right, to trust that you've taught your kids what they need to know, and to trust that they can do it. And you know what? He could do it.

Hugs, Fiona


  1. Oh dear, that post has made me cry! My daughter starts school in September when she turns 5 and I am dreading her growing up so quickly. Letting go is a difficult thing but you seem to have made a good job of it. Hugs

  2. Wow - he's growing up so fast! I can't believe it... focus on something else for a few weeks and all of a sudden you have a very grown up little nephew! But sounds like you are taking a healthy approach to the letting go - good on you! Hugs xoxo

  3. Oh my goodness, Fi! That must be so hard. I'm terrible at letting go. The thought of my boys growing up, going to school, and wanting to ride home alone makes me tear up inside!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Love and hugs,
    Ronnie xo

  4. Oh. I so get it Fiona! I think we have to keep letting go everyday from here on out.
    Parenting isn't for the faint-hearted ,that's for sure.

  5. I know just how you feel! What a courageous Mama you are to know what your child and you need and be able to let go and take that leap that is oh so necessary! This post really encouraged me, thank you!

  6. Oh...well done, Mama, it is NOT an easy thing to do. I have a lot of trouble in this area...


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