finding my rhythm

Friday, 21 June 2013

I've lost my rhythm.

It happened at the beginning of may. no, even before that, it was beyond my grasp. alexander went off to school, and my days changed, but I didn't manage to change with them. desperate to keep a hold of some sort of rhythm, I rushed about breathlessly....until I stopped. in pain, I woke up one morning. my lower back was screaming at me, but I ignored it. I struggled through the day, and by the evening I could barely walk. a restless, sleepless night later, and my doctor told me it was just strained. the days went by, painfully and slowly. Christian took time off work to manage the children and household, while I was forced to rest my back, carefully begin exercises and make frequent visits to the chiropractor. happily, my lower back is doing much better, and I must now begin to rebuild the muscles that so strangely became weakened through the whole ordeal. 

although I am physically whole again, my rhythm still eludes me. I shuffle through my days, barely remembering what needs to be done. my creativity is like my weakened back muscles, desperately in need of strengthening. and so, as I begin the long, slow process of strengthening my physical muscles, I must also begin to strengthen my creative muscles. 

at the beginning of the year, I chose the word "habit" to be my focus. I see now how important it is for me to create, and maintain, habits in my life. I am not a habitual person, so this takes quite some effort. I'm more of a go with the flow kinda girl, but I really need to have a strong framework so that I don't get tossed around in the strong currents of life. this summer, I want to work on habits in blogging, meal planning, baking, creating, sewing, completing project life pages, exercising, and photography.

as I create and embrace the habits I need in my life, hopefully my rhythm will come back, as surely and constantly as the oceans' tides. 

how do you keep your rhythm?

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