Monday, 17 June 2013

some favourite moments of the last week. i did an impromptue week in the life style project, so i ended up with lots of everyday photos. i love the moments they captured...blurred, discoloured and all. enjoy :)

1. sunny days = washing days. love it!
2. off to school. lucy's new bike comes everywhere with us.
3. playing with, i mean making chocolate!
4. bathtime for lucy, and as many duplo people as she can find.
5. bedtime stories after bathtime. we're currently into dragons, princesses and space.
6. playing tag in the backyard after dinner.
7. new shoes for isabel. silver ones.
8. chuffed that i still get to hold his hand when dropping him off at school.
9. more chocolate production.
10. grocery helper.
11. making chocolate chip cookies.
12. she might be 93, but oldemor (great grandmother) still chases the kids around with her walker. priceless!

i hope you had a great week. i'm linking up with emily's stills collection.

hugs, fiona


  1. great shots!
    i especially love the last one.
    such sweet memories for all of you!

    1. Thanks Sara. It's nice for the kids to know their great grandma so well. Both of mine died when I was a baby. Such a privilege!

  2. just found you through Em....lovely shots. I really love your clothesline!. all great sunny shots. Go Great Grandma!....(that cabinet/sideboard is fantastic!!). hope you are having a great week. Al x

    1. Hi Allison...welcome! I love that sideboard too. We have the matching one at home :)

  3. Oh what an awesome link up! I love your stills -great shots!

    1. Thanks should join in! It's fun!

  4. I love your photos - the last one gave me such a smile! I'm a new follower from the weekly stills link up. :) Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Sarah Louise! Nice to "meet" you :)


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