summer list 2013

Thursday, 27 June 2013

here's a little list of the things we'd like to do this summer. 
i'm not really a list person, so i tend to see these as suggestions :)

  1. eat icecream. lots of it
  2. run under the sprinklers
  3. bake doughnuts
  4. go to the beach
  5. eat hot dogs
  6. make a fire in the backyard and make snobrød (bread on a stick)
  7. go to the movies
  8. make our own gammeldagsis (awesome icecreams) with guf (marshmallow topping)
  9. go to egeskov slot
  10. barbeque with friends
  11. make a photobook
  12. play with bubbles
  13. go to a beach house
  14. have a picnic
  15. go strawberry picking
  16. read a book
  17. go swimming
  18. visit an island
  19. sew something for myself
  20. family holiday to tallinn
  21. paint a canvas with the kids
  22. go on a photography outing
  23. make something with rhubarb from the garden
  24. go someplace new
  25. make a craft with the kids
  26. ride our bikes together
  27. spend time with family
  28. go out on a date with christian
  29. make a cubby house in the backyard
  30. go to the zoo
here's hoping we'll get lots of fun stuff done this summer! what plans do you have for the summer?


  1. Haha, I'm such a lister! I love each of these, it really sounds like a great summer!

  2. I love that you have made this list, and it has given me lots of ideas too! I haven't made one, but I did want to do strawberry picking (which we managed last weekend!) I would love to fit in a few cinema trips, and BBQs (weather permitting!) And perhaps a new craft project for the kids. But doesn't the summer go by so quickly! :)

    1. Yes it does....which is why this is more of a suggestion list! We'll see what we manage :)


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