lazy days

Friday, 12 July 2013

the lazy days of summer have arrived. the days are long and warm, full of sunshine and the carefree laughter of childhood. i bask in the joy of my children, seeing their delight and wonder. life is simpler, the pace is slower, and we all enjoy time to just be. summer is a wondrous thing. living in scandinavia the last 11 years had taught me one thing well...good weather must never be taken for granted, but must be enjoyed to the fullest. you never know how long it will last. we move fluidly through our days, eating and sleeping when it pleases us. we soak up the sunshine in the garden, content in our own magical playground. in the quiet moments, we work cheerfully on our own little projects....making photo books, painting masterpieces, building a lego empire, treating all the stuffed animals who are feeling poorly and making divine beaded creations. there are neighbourhood friends to play with, and nary a dull moment. we take daytime naps and stay up late at night, enjoying the light as long as possible. we live our days unrushed, unhurried, unstructured. just the way i like it. oh summer, we love you so!


  1. I really know what you mean, we are the same in the UK - if we have sun, we really have to get out there and make the most of it. We can never take it for granted as it very rarely lasts long! It looks like you have all loved the summer so far, I hope the good weather continues for you! :)

  2. Wow, this looks like perfection -especially the strawberries and the slip and slide (is that what you call it there?). What a beautiful summer!

  3. it sounds perfect and being i grew up in Wisconsin, i can very much appreciate what you are experiencing! lazy days are the best!


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