moments (week 30)

Monday, 29 July 2013

a few moments from the past week.

  1. a trip to the library, and a pile of summer reading came home with us
  2. relaxing in the hammock
  3. backyard picnic
  4. strawberries! the season is nearly over, but we managed to get out and pick some
  5. a day with family at gudenå
  6. a little frog we found on our forest walk
  7. little indians! 
linking up with em at the beetleshack.


  1. Popping in from the beetle shack...lovely set of photos and how tiny is that frog...Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. oh my! that frog is tiny!! and those strawberries look yummy. :) totally summer.

  3. My little boy has that spider man t-shirt! I love your shots this week Fiona, it looks like you are having a lovely, relaxing summer! That little frog is amazing, my kids would love that. We found one in our garden once, but it was very big and gave us the fright of our lives, ha ha. Have a lovely week! :)

  4. Such sweet little images. I cannot believe the size of the frog and I'm seriously impressed by those little indians.
    Bella XX

  5. wow, that picnic spread looks so amazing! and so do those strawberries! and i had to call my kids up to look at that tiny frog. they were impressed with it all (as was i!). :)


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