project life 2013 - week 25

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

i just love seeing our photos and memories recorded like this! this is already a couple of weeks ago, but i've been working hard to catch up some so that i don't get impossibly behind.
this week i was apparently very productive in the kitchen, and tried three new recipes. such things should definitely be recorded, don't you think? i love tracy larsen's simply white template for showcasing a few smaller pictures like that. otherwise, my favourite moments were coffee with my friend ana, and the kids washing the floor pippi style (their own idea!).
christian's mum took the girls up to the coast for one night, so we had alexander all to ourselves. there was definitely wii involved :) it was sankt hans aften, midsummer celebrations, here in denmark on sunday, so we went down to the local school for the traditional bonfire and snobrød (bread on a stick). As is custom here, a witch is burnt on the bonfire (a very old, and strange, tradition!), which alexander made with his class at school. my sister in law and her fiance came along too.

i'll be back later this week with more project life pages!

linking up with the mom creative. supplies: template a, pl midnight kit by paislee press, template from tracy larsen's simply white collection vol. 1


  1. Great pages, Fiona!! Love how your kiddos do the kitchen floors! We do that too!!

  2. Love your simple, clean pages. I also really like your food collage!

  3. I love this idea, Fiona! What a great way to store all your memories. I agree, making three new recipes in the kitchen is definitely worth a mention! I wish I could be more productive in the kitchen - I love trying new things to eat! x


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