celebrating four

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

last sunday, isabel turned four. as is danish tradition, we woke her up by singing the birthday song, followed by "happy birthday", whilst waving danish flags, and gave her presents in bed. she had only a few wishes, anything involving pink, princesses, jewellrey or dress ups. we gave her a ballerina get up, which she put on straight away and wore all day.
i asked her if she wanted the standard birthday breakfast - fresh bread rolls and pastries from the bakery. she requested pancakes, with fresh raspberries and blueberries. we whipped up some cream, and added some homemade blueberry jam we were given, and it was a wonderful breakfast! 
in the afternoon, we decorated the house in anticipation of birthday guests, and raised the flag. it reminded me so much of the day she was born, four years ago, with the bright red flag waving in the crisp blue sky. a beautiful day, with sunshine and a gentle breeze. in denmark, good weather on your birthday means you've been well behaved over the last year :) then it was party time!
the presents were a hit with this four year old girl....a beautiful princess dress, dress up shoes and jewellrey, and a couple of barbies (princess ones, of course!). being the centre of attention was actually pretty hard for her.
danish flags are a big part of birthday celebrations!
isabel requested a princess rainbow cake. when i asked about that, she said it had to be "pink and purple, pink and purple, pink and purple". naturally.
surprise! rainbow layers of sponge...pink and purple! the birthday girl was happy, so mama was happy :)
happy birthday, isabel! you bring so much joy to our lives, with your fiesty, opinionated nature and your silly faces. you are your own person, through and through, and can not be swayed from what you think is best. you are caring, sweet and thoughful, and always look out for your little sister (you even asked for a princess sword and shield for lucy for your birthday, so you could play together). you are a loyal friend, and love to swim and play family (mor, far og lille søster). you love baking, drawing/painting, and making bead decorations. most of all, you love to be with mama, no matter where i am. love you, sweet bel xoxo

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  1. It looks like you all had a great day, especially Isabel! My little girl would love that cake! x


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