in the interim

Monday, 26 August 2013

two and a half years ago, we decided to move to africa. we weren't sure of all the details, but when friends asked us if we'd consider moving to east africa with them to work with a community development project, we said yes. last november we went to rwanda to visit a start-up project, with our friends, to see if we could see ourselves there. again, we said yes. we sat down together, as two couples, to try and put a time frame together as to when we would arrive and get started. our friends suggested august. once again, we said yes.

august is rapidly coming to an end, and i can safely say that we haven't moved yet. in fact, we are nowhere close to moving. as of our last conversation, it will something amazing if we touch african soil before the end of 2013. 

and that is really, really hard. 
because waiting is never easy. because sometimes it seems like all the necessary details will never fall into place so we can leave. most of all, because it's hard to live in the interim.

we still live in denmark. we need to relate to the life we have here, and focus on our community around us. at the same time, we have to keep planning and preparing for a move, with a very slippery travel date. one day, i'm sending alexander off to his first day of school. the next day, i'm researching the overwhelming world of homeschool curriculum, and i'm starting to wonder if i need to order kindergarten or 1st grade material. my head hurts from trying to figure out stuff that i just can't find answers to, and my heart hurts from the feeling that it's not working out like i thought it would.

the leaves are starting to change colour, the apples are getting bigger on the trees, and the morning air is distinctly chilly. autumn is right on the horizon, and i'm thankful that i haven't already passed on the kids' winter clothes and snow suits. once again, i need to get hold of weather appropriate clothing and shoes that have no relevance in tropical rwanda, with no idea of how long we'll need them for. and i just don't feel like doing it.

and so, i can do nothing but wait and pray. pray for wisdom, for patience, and for the ability to rejoice 
in my circumstances and be grateful for what we do have, instead of what we don't. 
one day at a time.


  1. such a real slice of where you are right now.

  2. wow, fiona, i can so relate to what you are saying! (would have to email those details!) :) it is hard! i initially started researching homeschooling because i thought we were moving and i thought we would be temporarily living somewhere for 3 months. three of my aunts have homeschooled their kids through high school. their advice and also what I've read from my research, is 1 - don't worry about starting too early. i would keep kinder super simple if that works for you. for me, as a newbie to homeschooling, I have really loved using Oak Meadow where everything is laid out for me. we do things a little differently for Jude, but for Indigo it has been great. we supplement her 1st grade with singapore math. i am very, very happy with our curriculum and it has been so doable as a first time homeschooler.

  3. Hey Fiona - I was just thinking about you and your move. I know what it's like to wait, definitely not the most fun but all in God's timing, right? Have you heard of the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling? I came across it a few weeks ago and have really love what I've read, especially since it's a Christian based method, plus you don't need to buy a lot of different materials for it. I can send you some links if you are interested! Praying for you!

  4. OH! Praying for you and your family; this is so hard. Its funny how decisions about snowsuits and sunscreen become so emotional because of what they signify.
    We have a friend in Canada who has been a homeschooler/homeschool co-ordinator for many years, including helping missionaries (as well as pastor's wife): we can put you in touch if you want? But also, I think that whatever curriculum you choose, your desire for them to be learners will help them have a great education.

  5. I really hope you have some definite answers soon, Fiona! It must be so difficult, I can understand why you are feeling a little bit disheartened, but hopefully things will become much clearer soon. God's timing is always perfect, even though it is not always clear to us why we have to wait! Sending prays your way. x

    1. Thanks, Sarah Louise. It's good to remember that God's timing is perfect!

  6. Thanks for sharing about your life, Fiona. Waiting can be so hard. I don't know if it helps to remember it's only for a season. Joy comes in the morning. I know you haven't left yet, but I feel like I missed my chance to see you again. I enjoy reading your blog occasionally, to see what's going on in your family life. Your children are lovely. I will be praying for you and Christian as you continue to seek wisdom and plan for this move, while living and focusing on where you are right now.


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