Saturday, 3 August 2013

some moments from this week:
  1. i finally got our project life pages from july-dec 2012 printed. the kids love seeing themselves and all our experiences. it makes me want to get more photo books made, pronto!
  2. grocery helpers. those little trolleys are awesome, and i especially love having a 3 year old who thinks handmade indian headwear is in order for a trip to the shop.
  3. good morning! enjoying the lazy mornings and the chance for a chat in bed. he starts school next thursday (slow down, time!).
  4. girls' night out. we surprised my sister in law and took her to a spa for her hen's night. so luxurious, and good fun :)
  5. lucy found my heels the next morning and had to try them on. check out the unfolded laundry in the background. there, don't you feel better?
  6. blowing bubbles takes practise! 
  7. toasting marshmallows over a backyard fire with good friends.
  8. i asked alexander to put the books in the bookshelf, and to put whatever didn't fit in a pile beside it. this is what i found. he was so proud of himself, "look, i got all the books to fit!" :)
  9. our new art gallery in the kitchen. i can't believe it took me so long to hang up those paintings. it took about 10 minutes at the most, and makes me smile every time i see them. love all those bright colours!
  10. playing board games with friends. the kids of carcassonne (if you're a games family, you've got to try it!)
  11. look, we have sprouted an avocado tree! we just put the seed in water, and look what happened! this is remarkable as we usually kill plants. happy day!
  12. "see, mama!" lucy brought me a little present in from the garden. a snail :)
  13. it's been really hot here, over 30 degrees (86 farenheit). that's rare in denmark. we celebrated with sprinklers :)
i've really enjoyed looking through my pictures from this week. it's nice to look back and see what we've been up to, and makes me realise we've done more than i thought. tomorrow we'll be celebrating isabel's 4th birthday, with cake, ice cream, and lots of pink! 

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Hugs, Fiona


  1. I love your photos Fiona, and the one of the books made me smile! It's really hot here in the UK which is very rare for us too, we normally have lots of rain for most of the summer! I had to say that the little cow blankee that your daughter has on her head is the one my son has! I have never known anyone else to have one! My son has a big attachment to it, very big, he will not sleep without it. I tried to 'replace' it with a newer (cleaner looking) version, but now we have two of the things as he would not part with the old one. :/ Happy birthday to Isabel! I hope you have had a great day today, celebrating in pink! Have a great week too. :)

    1. How funny, the same blankie! Lucy loves hers, and we've sometimes considered buying a spare in case that one gets lost! We had a lovely celebration, thanks. Enjoy the sunny weather!

  2. Ah, your kids are so adorable! I absolutely love roasting marshmallows (they aren't any good otherwise). I really need to remember to snap more moments like these, awesome job!

  3. Love these little glimpes! Those little shopping carts look FUN! Love how you display the kids artwork, too...beautiful! :)

    1. Thanks Monica. Blu-tak is good for many things :)


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