the first day of school

Monday, 12 August 2013

last thursday was alexander's first day of school. 
we found his nice shirt for him to wear, put out the table flag and made a cooked breakfast. he asked for pancakes. it was a wee bit stressful making pancakes, boiling an egg for the lunchbox (as well as making the sandwiches!) and getting myself ready too, but we got out the door and got to school just in time.
 he was nervous and a little worried about going to school. he said he'd miss me all day long. we talked about the school, his friends, and how it would to be starting in kindergarten (0. klasse). we joined the others in the gym for a welcome speech, and went out into the courtyard afterwards to watch the flag being raised, as it drizzled every so slightly. 
then it was back to the classroom to find his desk, right over in the corner next to one of his friends, and with the loveliest girls on the other side. we had our first task. to make a poster of his immediate family. using the photos we'd brought with us, he cut them all out and glued them on, and then we wrote a little description. it hangs above his desk where he can see us all and remember the good times.
"see, there we are in estonia on holiday. that was fun, wasn't it mama?"
"hey, ainslie's making a funny face! It was fun being in australia with grandma and grandad and all my cousins. can we go again soon?"
"i liked playing blindebuk at bedstefar's house. farbror thomas was so funny!"
and then, so suddenly, it was time for the parents to go home. he was sad and feeling nervous. 
"i'll miss you, mama."
"don't worry, buddy. i'll be back this afternoon. have fun, and i'll see you later."
hugs and kisses, and reassuring words. 
he put on his shoes, ready to join the others playing outside. 
and just like that, he found a friend and they ran out. 
i went home.

transitions are sometimes rough and sometimes smooth. we're still transitioning here, getting used to heading out the door early, getting used to sitting at a desk. in a couple of months we'll be transitioning again, but then we'll be doing it as a family.

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  1. Ah, he's so cute!! School doesn't start until the first week in August here so it's weird to think that it's started up in other places already.

    Kindergarten is such a huge transition, so glad this went well for him. Oh, and love him cutting stuff with his tongue sticking out!


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