week in the life - tuesday

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

week in the life - a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words.
 inspired by ali edwards.

tuesday. this was a totally ordinary day. i love being able to capture our ordinary right now, as i know it will change. i love having a record of it. here's tuesday.
6:15 awake. morning routine. 7:15 breakfast. 8:00 school drop off. 8:30 dora. 8:40 laundry 9:00 coffee and morning blog read. 9:50 change sheets. tidy up bedrooms. vacuum floor upstairs. 11:00 hang the clothes out on the line. put on another load of laundry. 11:30 vacuum downstairs, with a little helper. the girls draw. 11:45 make lunch for the girls. 12:00 lunch and quiet time. i have given up trying to get lucy to nap. 12:30 girls play in their room and i eat lunch. 1:20 clean the bathroom 1:35 the girls ride their bikes up to school to pick up alexander. i end up carrying lucy's bike. we meet alexander and walk home. it takes a long time, around an hour. 3:00 afternoon tea. alexander unstacks the dishwasher and i put on a dvd for them - phineas and ferb. 4:00 coffee and work on my week in the life. both girls have fallen asleep. 4:30 chat with a friend. 5:15 get started on making dinner. 5:30 christian is home. 5:45 clothes off the line. sheets and towels into the dryer. 6:00 dinner's ready. lasagne and green beans. the kids watch some cartoons after dinner. 7:15 put on pjs and brush teeth. 7:30 read a bedtime story for alexander. 8:00 goodnight to alexander and read a story for the girls. 8:30 goodnight girls! 9:00 time to fold the clean laundry. 10:00 bed!


  1. I loved your pictures! Great story of your day at the end too. So nice seeing your clothesline too, always love seeing when others do that.
    Have a great day again tomorrow!

  2. I loved seeing the pictures and reading about your day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the photo of the little helper doing vacuuming!
    Ronnie xo


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