week in the life - wednesday

Thursday, 12 September 2013

week in the life - a detailed look into an ordinary week right now, through pictures and words.
 inspired by ali edwards.

wednesday. my two girls keep me on my toes all day. it's a good thing i have some cute photos from today! 
5:50 morning cuddles. that flash is bright!
 6:50 breakfast.
 7:10 playing with his new lego chima eagle
 7:40 time for a quick cup of coffee before school drop off.
 9:30 we girls head to our playgroup, tumle bumle land.
 isabel has wild dance moves!
 12:40 afternoon play time.
 little treasures.
 1:10 on the way to a lego day (as a lego tester) with some boys from school.
1:15 nap time for the girls. lucy is outside in her pram. 
2:00 catching up on my week in the life pictures + blog posts.
 2:50 home again from lego day, with a "small gift".
 a thank you gift for alexander, for participating in the lego day. isabel and lucy are really excited about it (there are horses!), but alexander is not that interested in building it. maybe later.
 4:50 dinner prep. leek and potato soup, a family favourite. 
 5:15 alexander's football training. red versus blue. blue won :(
 the girls are great at entertaining themselves :)
 7:04 bath time. the day is nearly over.
 9:07 time for adult relaxation. coffee, chocolate, and some tv. it's been a hectic day. 


  1. love those rocks in the washing machine!

  2. I find "treasures" all the time in the washing machine too...haha. I love the last pic of the candles. It makes me long for 9pm! LOL that is my calm time too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. It's lovely to have a peek on how your wednesday was! love some adult relaxation too!

  4. Flash at 5.50 is no fun:)

  5. You wake up very early !!! It's hot here, in Paris it's cold and raining : autumn has come !

  6. I loved reading your post today, Fiona. It looks like you have an eventful week!

  7. Wow, your kids all look way older in these photo! And I had to laugh at the "it has horses" comment, that would be Raeca's reaction to the Lego too!

  8. Love the glimpse into your day...although you start so early! I was exhausted by the end of it for you!! :) I love documenting like this, because it seems too easy to forget the things we never thought we'd forget... sigh. It really does go by so. fast.


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