kcw - day one

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

this week is kids clothes week (kcw), a seasonal sewing week focussing on kids clothes. this is my third season participating, and i really hope to get some basics sewn!
yesterday i tried sewing a t-shirt for alexander, the popular flashback skinny tee. i've got to say, it was very easy to sew, very fast and satisfying! i didn't get time to sew until the evening, when a friend and i had arranged a sewing date, but i managed to get it all cut out before hand.
i had to wait until this morning to try it on alexander, and i was a bit nervous about the fit, as he has very long arms. the fit is fantastic, and he really likes it! i have a few more of these planned for this week, as well as some leggings for the girls and a dress or two. we'll see how much i manage to get done!
see you tomorrow! hugs, fiona

1 comment :

  1. Awe, your stuff always turns out so great. I love the color combo and the style. Plus he looks like he's getting so tall!


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