kcw - days 3 and 4

Saturday, 26 October 2013

finally, time for something for the girls! isabel is first up with a new dress, made from the skater dress pattern by kitschy koo. my inspiration came from this picture.
it was the first time i made this pattern, and it was such a well made pattern that i found myself squealing with excitement each time i finished a step. of course, i added a hood to the pattern, so it took a lot longer than i anticipated!  
isabel loves her new dress, and was most excited about the hood. i also have a half finished skater dress for lucy laying on the sewing table, waiting to be finished.
after all that posing, it's time to jump in the puddles!
happy weekend, and happy sewing to those who are participating in kcw!


  1. Love it! Liker spesielt det siste bildet der hun leker i dammen!!!


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