looking forward

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

we bought plane tickets last week. it's official - we are packing up and moving to rwanda on the 27th january 2014. it's exciting. it's terrifying. that's only 3 months away. we have about 280kgs of baggage we are allowed to take with us, although we can buy a couple of extra bags. our whole lives in 280kgs. it sounds like a lot. it's not. alexander's lego weighs 25kgs. seriously! there's so much stuff to be sorted through, so much to decide. what to bring? what to leave behind? we are going for 3 years. what can't we live without? what do we really need? i admit it's very overwhelming. last saturday, christian started sorting through the kids' toys and stuff. with their help, he tossed a whole bunch of toys in a box to give to the second hand shop. i couldn't watch. i came upstairs briefly, but my emotions couldn't take it. i'm just too sentimental. i gave him free reign and went and hid in the sewing room. looking forward is easy. getting excited about new beginnings is fun. but it's not easy saying goodbye to the life we have here, and the memories of the years that have passed. i am encouraged more than ever to keep working on my memory keeping projects, and to making sure i get our favourite memories recorded.
right now, we are taking it all a day at a time, and trying to get all the practicalities sorted - vaccinations ordered, visas applied for, a rental contract written up for our house (which will be rented out for the 3 year period), deciding what to take with us, and working on our finances. so much to do, so little time. and, when it feels like a little too much to think about, it's nice to be able to retreat into the sewing room and create a wearable work of art, or put my fingers in dough and create something delicious and nourishing for the soul. that's why i create - it's my sanity when there's too much happening around me. it's the times when life is the busiest that i most need to set aside time to be creative. otherwise, this might be permanent ;)
anyone got some tips for moving???


  1. I love you, you will be okay because you are quick to listen to God and put your trust in Him. My advice - put their little blanket and special toy or pillow in the hand luggage so it is close by and feels like their bed wherever you put them to sleep. Also, make sure that you bring family photos or items that make the new house feel like it is YOUR home because it has all your things in it. By the way, I love the photo of you and Isabel. You both have beautiful eyes. Christina

    1. Thanks for the tips, Christina. We miss you! Hugs xoox

  2. wow, you finally have a date! congratulations! so exciting, but stressful, i'm sure, too. i wish you all the best. :)


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