project life 2013 - weeks 35 and 36

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

it's been a long time since i shared project life here on the blog. i got project life overload. i kept trying to make it oh so perfect, and it just made my head hurt. the problem is, when i stopped sharing my pages, i stopped making them. and that's no good, because my family doesn't care if the pages are perfect, they just want to remember our best moments. time to get back on the project life wagon.

week 35: 26 august-1 september.
this week we celebrated my sister-in-law's birthday and had unexpected visitors from sweden. it was a great week! i love looking back on it now, nearly 2 months later :)

week 36: 2-8 september. 
alexander had an adult tooth growing between his baby teeth and had to have it removed. getting a visit from the tooth fairy was a bit of a highlight for him. we had great weather, christian got the house painted, and we managed a trip to legoland.

are you memory keeping with project life? how's it going for you?


  1. These are so precious- cutest family ever award goes to you guys! I wish I could commit to something like project life, but knowing myself, I would give up on week 2. HA!

    1. Thanks, Court! There are lots of ways to do Project Life. The idea is just to record your life in a simple way. I'm sure you'd do a great job at take such lovely photos!

  2. wow, what a wonderful gift for yourself and your children. i am sure it will be treasured!


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