raglan t-shirt and plane pants

Thursday, 31 October 2013

a couple of weeks ago i sewed up this outfit for alexander. a recess raglan t-shirt in a blue star knit, and a pair of soft pants in a blue chambray cotton. 
i read a lot of happy reviews about the recess raglan t-shirt pattern, so i decided to give it a try for my first attempt at sewing with knits. yes, it was fast to sew (even for a complete first timer like myself), but i was really disappointed by how short the arms on the pattern were. you'll notice alexander's wrists poking out there...i made him a size 6 t-shirt with size 7 length arms and body. the body length wasn't neccesary, but the arms were still too short! alexander tried it on, then said, "the arms are too short. why didn't you just measure my arms?". smart boy! i'm not really sure that i will use this pattern again, especially now that i've tried the flashback skinny tee with such great success
i also made him a pair of pants in a soft blue chambray. the pattern is vigge from stof2000, which i bought a couple of years ago, but have never sewn up before. they are sweet, but i think my 6 year old is getting a bit old for this style :) he requested the airplane fabric on the top. either way, they are a very soft, comfortable style of pants, great for playing in at break time.

i'm now on a bit of a sewing kick, and don't want to get out of it again. i've got a number of projects i want to work on, so i hope to be sharing more very soon. happy sewing!


  1. Love this tee!
    Agreed with the arm length. My tall skinny 4 year old had the same issue with this pattern.
    Where is this knit from? I'm a fan!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had issues with the arm length. The question is, with so many pattern testers, how they didn't pick it up? The knit is from a local sewing store here in Denmark, stof2000. Thanks for stopping by!


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