Thursday, 14 November 2013

...alexander is getting excited about learning to read. i taught him a couple of letters, and he read his first bob book. a big moment for both of us! he's madly into star wars at the moment, and asks to play wii every day, but only if mummy will play too. our current favourite games are the lego star wars and batman games from the library.

...isabel is flexing her will at every opportunity. we still have a daily discussion about her clothes - not if it matches or not, but if it's weather appropriate. that girl is going to love year round warm weather. she's also a bit of a mother hen and loves to play mum and baby with lucy. she's the first one to run over to lucy and give her a hug if she's hurt herself, and the one lucy asks for help ("no, mummy. isabel help lucy!"). it's so sweet to see them together.

...lucy has entered the literal stage, where everything we say is taken quite literally. last weekend, christian
was playing cards with the girls and told them, "alle kort skal lægge på hovedet" (all the cards have to lay on the head, meaning face down). lucy picked them up and put them on her head! she's really starting to get the hang of using the toilet and we're excited about the possibility of being nappy free when we get to rwanda in january.

...christian is getting really excited about going to rwanda and is finding it hard to stay focused at work. he's also very keen to sort through our stuff and is currently running around the house weighing stuff.

...i have been having a lot of headaches and migraines. i imagine it's mostly stress induced, as i've been quite stressed, mostly about figuring out what we can take with us.

...i've also been wondering what to do with this blog a lot. i feel like it's such a pressure to figure out what to write here and feel a kind of pressure to do or make something so i can share it here. obviously, all the fun goes out of it then. i feel performance anxiety, like i'm not living up to some kind of imaginary expectations, and it's exhausting. i'm evaluating whether i will continue to keep a blog, and what kind of blog it should be. for now, i am going to take a break, and see how i will continue later on, if in fact i decide to continue. thanks for reading here!

hugs, fiona


  1. your story about the cards was really funny! :)

    aw man, fiona, i am sorry you are feeling that kind of pressure. i had a love-hate relationship with facebook for awhile. it got so political and catty and it was just a downer to me. so i hesitantly quit and i have to say - i've never looked back! best thing i could've done. i am so glad i did. social media, i believe, should be a positive in your life. i met so many inspiring people in the adoption community who filled the gap for the fact that i didn't know anyone in real life adopting. i was challenged and stretched and it was amazing. such a gift. in the sewing community, i also find something that i don't have in real life. none of my real life friends are into sewing, nor do i even talk about my own sewing. which is totally fine. but it's fun to make that connection with others, and also get inspired. (i'm pretty much an inspiration addict!) but i believe it should serve a positive purpose in your life. you have a lot on your plate. you don't need another thing to stress about.

  2. gosh, i felt the same way writing my blog this morning, if that help at all. I oging to write about the same stuff AGAIN? But, I realize that essentially the blog is for me. I don't post as frequently as I did, just a few times a week now it seems. That helps.

    Also, I get headaches too a lot. I think mine are hormonally related- in the sinuses and face bones. THEY SUCK. I commiserate.

    And aren't Bob books great? Trying to get my younger one into them, too.

  3. i just wanted to say that you're not alone with feeling pressure to blog. it's a funny thing because we put the pressure on ourselves, yet it can be very real. i took a break for a few months, earlier this year. at first, it was such a relief to not have to think about it, but after several weeks i actually started to miss it and was anxious to get back to blogging. right now, i'm in a "good phase" and even writing ahead. perhaps you just need a break and will then want to come back and will feel re-energized. or, perhaps a break will show you that you are ready to be done blogging. either way is 100% okay!


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