Monday, 4 November 2013

1 & 2: football/soccer has moved indoors for the next season. alexander went to his first series of matches. he had so much fun, even though his team didn't win a single match and he scored more goals for the other team than his own. there's something so sweet about under 7's soccer....and so enormously frustrating!
3: having a sister is like a built in playmate wherever you go. as long as there are dolls and teddies, you can have a picnic.
4. i tried out a new recipe after thinking about it for a week or three. pioneer woman's caramel apple sticky buns. they were good, even better than the photo suggests. mind the caramel, though. it ended up on the kitchen floor!
5. we enjoyed hanging out with our favourite danish-aussie hybrids. julie and i are trying to arrange a marriage, but we're still working out the right combination :)
6. i woke up on sunday morning with a raging headache, the sniffles, and a stuffy head. i went back to bed while christian took the kids to church and then to mcdonald's for lunch. he and lucy also did the grocery shopping and came home with these cheerful blooms. i still smile when i see them.
7. i intended to sew up a pair of leggings for lucy, but they just lay on the ironing board, mocking me. instead, i joined alexander in playing lego star wars on the wii. christian made us stop as we were getting a bit worked up (both of us), but we had just beaten darth vader, you see (or darf wader, as alexander calls him!).
8. i started looking through this book i borrowed from the library. oh my, they are the sweetest, simplest patterns! now i just have to work out which one to start on.

i hope you had a lovely weekend!

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