celebrating advent {part one}

Thursday, 12 December 2013

advent is such a magical time of year. starting four sundays before christmas, advent is the time of focussing on and preparing for the birth of christ. this season is loved dearly in denmark, because who doesn't love candles and yummy food in the short, dark december days? growing up in australia, we didn't celebrate advent, and i actually had no idea what it was before i moved to scandinavia almost 12 years ago. after all, candles don't have the same appeal in the heat of an australian summer! marrying a dane gave me the liberty to pick and choose which traditions we would have in our family, and advent has become one of my most favourite times of the year. this year i decided to drop doing a december daily album (let's be real...i haven't finished any of the albums i've started on over the last 5 years. who needs to add to the pressure?) to reduce the stress of the season, but i still love capturing the beauty, joy and anticipation of advent. 
we have enjoyed baking with bedstemor, celebrated a number of christmas parties, decorated the house, had a visit from a nisse (more on that later), and have been counting down the days to christmas with our advent calendars and a short story every night reminding us of the reason we celebrate - the birth of jesus christ.

do you celebrate advent? what pre-christmas traditions do you enjoy?

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