celebrating christmas

Monday, 30 December 2013

we had a really great christmas this year. we got to extend our christmas celebrations from the 23rd to 26th, spending time with different family members, and embracing all the traditions surrounding christmas that we love.

church, christmas food, singing carols around the tree, exchanging gifts, family togetherness, christmas morning stockings and gifts from australia, skyping and phone calls with family overseas (fortunately in different time zones, so we could catch them all!), christmas goodies, watching christmas movies in our pjs, playing with our new toys, tickling uncles, pakkeleg, and celebrating one more time. 

it has been good in so many ways, full and rich, a time we are thankful for, especially in light of the fact that in 28 days we are getting on a plane for rwanda. with christmas past us, we can now focus on packing and getting ready to move to another continent, another home, another way of life. we are both excited, nervous, and scared, all in one. most of all, we are looking forward to this new adventure in 2014.

have a happy (and safe) new year!

hugs xoxo

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  1. Great pictures - great memories! Thanks for sharing some of them with us! Happy New Year to your family: some exciting new times ahead in 2014. Hugs faster Marianne xoxo


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