secrets and gifting

Friday, 20 December 2013

today was alexander's last day of school, while the girls finished up playgroup yesterday. this year we went ultra simple for teacher's gifts, a tradition that is not common here in denmark (read: we are the only ones who give gifts), but one that i appreciate keeping. we bought some chocolates, wrapped them up all pretty, and printed out some paislee press journal cards as tags. i got alexander to write his own, which he surprisingly really enjoyed.

after a trip to the dentist with the girls, we headed downtown to get the last of the christmas presents, and i quietly went into a store on my own to get a few things for the kids. when we met up again, isabel wanted to see what was in the bag. "secrets", i said. we love surprises around here, so we like to know how not to spoil it for ourselves!

christian then took the kids back downtown to buy my christmas present, so i stayed home alone. with all the christmas presents taken care of, i decided to get started on a few handmade ones. you'd think i'd start on these earlier, but somehow knowing it doesn't matter if i finish or not is the incentive i need to get started. after digging through the scrap box, i had a bunch of soft, pretty fabrics picked out to made some doll quilts for isabel and lucy. it's my first attempt at quilting, so i kept it simple with long strips. halfway through cutting them, i figured i didn't need to be so precise. after all, they're doll quilts. still, it's fun to try something new! hopefully they'll enjoy them as much as i enjoy making them :)

how about you? are you making any gifts this year?


  1. Looks fabulous, I'm sure the girls will love the doll quilts :)

  2. Nowhere nearly as creative as you so all store bought gifts this year! Looking good :-)
    Hugs Marianne xoxo

  3. I love the idea of the long strip quilt, I totally want to make one now (after I finish my already-started quilts).

    Hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year Fiona!


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