sewing round up 2013

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

doll quilt, infinity scarf
2013 was a pretty good year! finishing off the year with a sewing round up has helped me see how much sewing i got done this year, and helps me evaluate how i want to approach it in 2014.

this year i made (not all pictured):
7 items of clothing for alexander
7 items of clothing for isabel
2 items of clothing for lucy
2 doll quilts and a doll dress
an average of 1.5 items a month

i noticed that i:
like stars and stripes
am most productive in kcw (kids clothes week) and when i have a deadline
am easily influenced by new patterns i see during kcw or in the sewing blog community
am far better at impulse creations than planned ones

this year i tried:
sewing with knits
using the overlock stitch on my sewing machine
buying patterns online from indie designers, with mixed results

i am looking forward to 2014 and giving myself new challenges. i know next year will be full of many changes, and there will need to be time to transition and adjust, so i don't want to set myself impossible goals, but i do want to keep moving forward, stretching myself and developing new skills. the best thing about making so many items of clothing this year has been that i'm so much more comfortable sewing than i was a year ago, and i'm not afraid to try something new. bring on 2014!


  1. You inspire me so much! I love each an every one of these! In 2014 I vow to sew more!

  2. I love roundups! Love seeing these all together. That sweet pink linen dress with the peter pan collar is so sweet!! That last outfit...the bubble shorts and top...are incredible!

    1. thanks monica! i'm looking forward to seeing what you get up to in 2014 ;)

  3. i love your comment on not wanting to set impossible goals, but still wanting to move forward. i sometimes struggle to find the happy medium. (also - jealous of your sewing skills!)


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