the perfect tree

Saturday, 14 December 2013

today, with nothing else planned, we went out to get our christmas tree. we drove to a nearby christmas tree farm, where we got to go and pick our own tree before cutting it down. this is always a highlight for us (except for last year, which was so very cold that the kids cried the whole time!).

first we looked around until we found a nice looking tree. isabel had the measuring stick all ready to make sure the tree was the right height. no, too tall. the next one was too short. we looked around for a few more minutes, until we found the perfect tree. just the right height, not too bushy (we have a small living room). time for far (dad) to cut it down while the kids ran around, playing chase among the trees. with a little help from each of the kids, we got it cut down and loaded up on the trailer, and brought it home.

while we enjoyed christmas treats (gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate with cream, and small clementines), the tree stayed outside. for most danish families, the tree will remain outside until the 23rd of december, when it is brought in and decorated. we're not normal, though. with 2 cultures, we try to merge as many traditions as possible. our tree will remain outside until tomorrow, when we'll bring it in and decorate it, because for this aussie girl, it's not christmas until the tree is up :)

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