moments {a weekly collection}

Sunday, 12 January 2014

a collection of small moments from our week:
  1. during the sorting, the watercolour paints have made an appearance.
  2. deep concentration.
  3. art is happening here.
  4. the beautiful final creations - one for her, one for little sister.
  5. artwork waiting to be photographed and recycled.
  6. our furry friends, looking for a new home.
  7. celebrating getting our final vaccination. we're done!
  8. putting on glitter lips.
  9. our friendly dino, watching over the lego building.
we have about 2 more weeks here before we leave. our days are full of sorting through stuff and arranging it in three piles - to bring, to store, and to give away. we are getting there slowly! next up comes shoving it into suitcases and bags, and hoping like mad that it makes it on the trip with us. for sure, the most difficult thing for me to sort through was my fabric stash, but it's a bit like ripping off a bandaid - just do it fast!

linking up with em's weekly stills at the beetleshack.


  1. i love to see kids creating art! im new here so now off to delve to see where you are going, great to find you x

    1. hi janey, thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love that concentrating expression and all the wonderful things created. Looks like putting on lip gloss takes concentration too. Love these photos :0)

  3. Very cute! LOVE the picture of your little girl putting on lipstick!

  4. Love the glimpse into your week! And I can't believe it's only two weeks before you go! It's been a long time coming and now it's so close. Definitely praying for you!!

  5. the photo with the paintbrush against her lips is priceless!


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