moments {a weekly collection}

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

a collection of small moments from our week:

1. packing is in full swing 
2. SNOW! an excited boy, rolling in the snow before it melted again
3. uno moo made an appearance. lucy's new favourite game
4. and 5.  taking a baking break to make cinnamon rolls
6. saying goodbye to oldemor
7. riding snow horses
8. time for a tea party!
9. - 12. time with family, a golden ending to our week. we'll miss them!

in one week's time, we'll have just arrived in rwanda. we are looking forward to some warmth and sunshine, and to starting on the next chapter of our lives. in the meantime, there is packing and saying goodbye, and the tears that follow. it's hard to leave our life here in denmark, but we are looking forward to what lays ahead.

om en uges tid, vil vi har ankommet i rwanda. vi glæder os til sol og varme, og til at begynde på et nyt kapitel i vores liv. indtil da, er det tid til at pakke og sige farvel, og de tårer der hører til. det er svært at sige farvel til vores liv i danmark, men vi glæder os til det der ligger foran os.


  1. Finally, such cool photos of family life. And snow a beautiful sight as we fight bushfire, heat waves and a thirst for anything summery. Over from stills. Xx

    1. nice to have you here, mandi! the snow has been eagerly awaited :) hope the bushfires aren't too close!

  2. Wow, moving to Rwanda! What a change. Love the snow horses, and wishing you all the best for your packing/moving.

  3. Goodness, that's a big move! I love your snowy photos, all the best for the coming weeks with the move :)

  4. beautiful photos Fiona....! I especially love the snow horses ;) And a move to!

  5. We have the Uno barn game too, just played it yesterday with Raeca! Praying for you as you go through this transition!!


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