title page 2014 and thoughts on project life

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

hello, 2014! another year has started, which means it's time for another project life album. even though i've made barely half of last year's pages, i'm still hopeful that i can manage to record another year of our family' stories and memories. 

especially this year, where so much is happening. i wanted to reflect that in my title page, with a picture of our starting point (our pretty white house), and a visual of our journey to rwanda (yeah, there's a thought behind that crooked line! it's our flight path). i also added my word i've chosen for this year, intentional. that's how i want to live this year!

some thoughts about project life:

- i really like this as a memory keeping system. in fact, it's the only way i've successfully recorded my family's memories.
- if i don't blog about it, it doesn't get done. my blog keeps me accountable. i'm aiming to post these every week (so i don't get behind).
- i love white space. hopefully i'll remember to add more this year :)
- i don't need to use a specific kit. i know what i like (grey, pastels, florals, stripes, handwriting).
- inspiration is nice, until it cripples your creativity. i think my pages are pretty, and that's all that matters.
- i want to write more of the little stories. honestly, i don't care what we ate or who came over to play or when we had small group. i care that lucy said "i love you, mama", without me saying it first, or that alexander's school nickname has stuck in the family. stories are more important to me than facts.
-  i need to get in the pictures more, make a conscious effort to turn the camera around. i am part of this story too.
- i'd like to try and get my handwriting in the books. that's on my to figure out list this year.
- don't get stuck, just keep moving forward! even half a year's worth of recorded memories is better than none.

are you doing project life this year? do share!


  1. your title page looks great and i much-o love your list of thoughts/ideas. i'm also shooting for more white space in my album and not using a specific kit. mixing and matching = making the project "my own" and making it more fitting to my own style. looking forward to seeing how your project continues!

    1. Thanks Brooke! I just saw your 2014 plan....looks good!

  2. LOVE your PL intro!!! Also love that you are planning on getting in on more photos this year, definitely one of my goals as well. All the white space on your page looks great! You've got me considering doing a digital PL this year. That might solve my PL vs photo book dilemma I've been having . . .

    1. Thanks Chantel. Go for it! Digital PL is a great way to get it done and no need to do another book. It's really neat and doesn't take up much space on the shelf, either!


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